Freight Spend Analysis

Whether you have specific processes in place, need freight spend budget controls or adhere to predetermined service levels, we can design a custom freight solution for you. We can arrange contracted pricing or provide custom plans based on your specific goals. We do this through a Freight Spend Analysis, a deep dives that gives insight into your shipping operations and allows us to create a custom freight solution for your business.

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Freight Spend Analysis.

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Provide us with your past three months of freight invoices, and we analyze your costs and lanes. We’ll then compare them with our carrier network and pricing, and then generate a customized report outlining your potential savings.

Benefits of our custom solution include:

  • Tailored freight shipping to fit your budget and requirements
  • Fast and easy implementation of your recommended solution
  • Expert consultation to address pain points unique to your business
  • Gain insights into billing issues, claims and adjustments