TMS or MTS: Why shippers no longer have to choose

TMS or MTS: Why shippers no longer have to choose

by GTZ.

At one point in time, companies had to choose how much of an investment to make in a transportation management system (TMS) to move freight. Rapid advancements in technology, though, have increased the likelihood that in a few years, that investment will be outdated, replaced by a more powerful TMS that gives competitors an edge. 

Companies used to face a choice – invest in an expensive, customization-heavy TMS, or attempt to continue to get by with spreadsheets, faxes, and phone calls. 

In 2019, though, shippers no longer have to make that choice – they can leverage the expertise of a 3PL and benefit from a modern TMS that is flexible and scales with their business, all while maintaining control over their supply chain.  

In the latest installment of the “High Tech, High Touch” series, FreightWaves writer Brian Straight explains the benefits shippers can attain when they partner with a technology-enabled Managed Transportation Services provider. 

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